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We develop your personal cosmetic products providing you a Full-service...

From the idea to the finished products.

Cosmetic Containers

Produce and Develop your
Own Brand  

We produce Sustainable Cosmetics who are friendly to humans, animals and nature.

 Offer full service in the development of your own brand or numerous ready-made formulas for beauty care products

(face, body and hair).

With us you can have now your own Natural, Organic or Vegan Cosmetics!


Lab Worker

Analyze your raw materials
and products

We can verify the efficacy, stabilize and specialize your raw materials and formulas,

analyze and measure raw materials.

We prepare and create all the regulatory documents, like safety reports, C.P.N.P. registration as well. 



Quality controls and
Stability tests

In our own perfectly equipped laboratories, we develop and examine together with competent chemists, biologists and laboratory technicians, many pioneering and unique formulations together with external cooperation partners.


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Solutions for special products

We can produce specific quantity or even a small quantity for your special need. Moreover, we can create your samples or  gift box.


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Marketing advice and support for your brand develoment

A continuous analysis of the market gives us the flexibility and the knowledge to understand and develop products who cover the today and future needs of our customers


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Contact us for further informations

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