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We care each other
and we have
a strong, close relationship
with our partners


MACHS is the result of the collaboration between Klaus Macher and Dr. Ulrich Bernecker.

Both together bring more than 50 years of concentrated know-how: Klaus Macher, who has been successfully working in his own salon for over 30 years, knows the wishes and needs of the customers very well. with dr Ullrich Bernecker at his side, who has 20 years of experience in the development of cosmetic and medical products, has turned a vision into reality.

This is how MACHS came about - a series of care products that contain a lot of good things and that really work: with noticeable benefits, a special feel-good effect, high-quality ingredients and always in harmony with nature.

Bernecker-Cosmetics GmbH (from the idea to the finished product)
Katjana Sür (cosmetics expert)

...combined, many years of experience in international product development and application technology (applications, cosmetics expert in seminars and training of beauticians).

BHI LOGO_edited.png
Blue Horizon International is the world’s leading provider of adult and children’s stem cell therapies. We have safely and efficiently performed more than 4,000 stem cell therapies to date.

We are the only treatment provider approved and associated with The Wuhan University Department of Medicine, The Biochemistry Institute of Wuhan University. We are fully licensed by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic to offer cord blood, bone marrow and adipose stem cell derived treatments at Malacky Hospital near Bratislava, Slovakia.

Since 1927 - One of the oldest cosmetics brands in the world - For your beauty from inside and outside - Made in Germany


Even after almost 100 years - for some time now firmly under new successful management and again in family hands - we are continuing this path.


We are a thoroughly healthy company, even in challenging pandemic times like these.

And we act independently, without banks and investors. That is important to us, in all decisions. We have been on your side from the very beginning - that is very exciting. And we look forward to continuing to go through life with you, to accompany you.

Sincerely, Ralph Thelen


NGel Nuru Gel - the massage gel

NURU First-class raw materials and careful processing guarantee the high-quality standards of our products.

Regular internal and external controls ensure that all Ngel Nuru products consistently maintain the high level of quality in accordance with the highest quality standard.


To create KOZHYA, they spent over

2 years with cosmetic scientists, engineers, and aestheticians with a goal to create an on-the-go, natural and powerful skin care solution.

Yoanna Gouchtchina, Founder of KOZHYA, has previously co-founded 2 other successful companies.


Her long standing fascination and grasp on technology commercialization started her career with commercializing nuclear technologies, and has now shifted to pharma, health & beauty.

RHEO DERMA LOGO_edited.png

The RheoDerma Beauty Series represents a comprehensive care for all skin areas.


With this highly innovative cosmetic line based on sustainability, the focus is on the individuality of each particular user.


By nature, every person has his or her own skin type, which determines the requirement for daily care. In addition, the needs of the skin may change at short notice or over time.


AMEDI is a partner for companies in questions of occupational medicine.


Occupational medicine includes, among other things, company medical care in accordance with the Occupational Safety Act (ASIG). In addition, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbschG) and the accident prevention regulations (DGUV V2) of the individual professional associations form the basis for occupational medical care.

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