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our philosophy


let's make our world better

For Dr. Bernecker, chemistry was the path to make this world better. From his philosophy about life, came up the idea to use his knowledge about chemistry, in order to make  Natural Cosmetics, friendly to environment, people and animals.

So, after 15 years work in the field of international product development of cosmetic and medical products in a  multinational company, he decided to make his own company and to implement this idea.

mission and vision

When you care about the people, the animals and the nature, you have one mission and purpose …

"to do things who will lead

in a better world"

Our commitment is also our motto

"Let's make this world better"

Giving a Presentation

our team

Bernecker Cosmetics GmbH is a family business who produces its products near to Aachen in Germany.

It is a small company but has a big family.

The family has 32 members and each of them is important for our organization.  


We wish in the future this family to grow up more and to share with all the world its philosophy….                 


Let’s make our world better 


Dr. Bernecker

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