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Every person is unique
and so are our cosmetics

Woman with Face Cream

Just like nature intended

naturaL  organic   bio   vegan


Bernecker-Cosmetics GmbH is your service partner from the area of ​​Aachen for development, testing and analysis of cosmetics, Pharmacy and Medical Devices.

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Cosmetics for him and her

You decide, we create.

Pamper yourself and your customers with the products that suit you. About the ingredients, the scent and the effect of your cosmetic products through to the design of the packaging we are based entirely on your wishes.

The perfect solution for your individual concept

Depending on your choice, you can have your first finished products within few weeks. Skin Care products for Face and Body, Hair Care, Hands Care or even Feet Care products.... on wish everything individually.

Natural skincare

Let's make our world better

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